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Measure Us By the QUALITY Of Our Prints And The SERVICE That We Provide!

Newport Prints is a family owned business with a clear mission - to provide the highest quality at low prices with a superb level of customer service.  Many of the prints that we sell are exclusive issues. These works were produced under an exclusive contract with the artist.

The quality of the artwork is also apparent by the type of paper used.  If the original painting was a watercolor work, the reproduction was produced on watercolor grade paper. This resulted in a reproduction that was an exact replica of the original work and virtually identical to it. This proved to be a problem in the beginning when an original was sold and shipped as a print.  Future work required the prints to be a different size from the original.

Why do I say this? Because the quality of the printing process combined with the quality of the paper gives you an art work that looks exactly like an original painting at the price of a print.

Our guarantee to you is that if you purchase one of our prints and decide that it does not fit your needs FOR ANY REASON, we will refund your money WITH NO QUESTIONS ASKED for 60 days. That gives you enough time to hang the painting in your home or office and see if it is all you want it to be.