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A reproduction of a painting by Antonio Jacobsen dated 1887. The steamer Nantucket was built in 1886, and she was five feet longer than the Martha's Vineyard - 190 feet; and she had a beam of 33 feet as against the 29 feet of the Martha's Vineyard. When she first made port at Nantucket she was described as "the most magnificent boat of her class afloat." In the teeth of a boisterous northwester, she made the passage from Nantucket to Cottage City in two hours and thirty minutes. The Nantucket was copper fastened, her frames double throughout, made of oak, hackmatack and cedar. Her hull was provided with three watertight bulkheads.
The Nantucket had decorated paddleboxes that made large, rhythmic and beautiful half-circles on the sides.  The “Nantucket” was owned by the Nantucket Steamboat Line.

This was one of several steamers that connected Martha's Vineyard and Nantucket with the Massachusetts mainland.

Print size is 17" x 25" with a 13 ¾ x 22 ¾”image.On the lower right corner is printed “1896 Old Dartmouth Historical Society, New Bedford Whaling Museum, Published by JAMES G. BENNETT, INC., Madison, CT.”